The  mind is willing but the body is weak

it aches, throbs, pains

with pleasure

with lust, burning me until my skin swelters from within

participation, promise,torturous thoughts of he

I drive myself insane with lust…thus

with thoughts, of which I can never speak

The bondage of words, of vows unspoken

freely given, reluctantly taken, binds me, binds us

thorny twisted brambles , studded with lethally dripping honey sugar wet poisonous lust

pregnant with promise.

of ecstacy….

I long to touch , to lay hands on, to revel in the satin texture of his skin

dark like folds of a umbilicus

his manhood ignites storms of barely restrained passion

melting me into a puddle of want, of longing, of desire

of fantasies dreamed, cherished and hidden away

of heaven and miles between my thighs…

Slowly, I resolve to withstand the onslaught

but in the heat of desire, I melt away

I can hardly think past the tang old  sea salt scent of his skin..

and when he walks by

he sends me into alternating attacks of panic and longing.

frantically, I try to regain my composure…rebuild my walls before he notices.

He must never know.

I am no longer confused by my emotions.

I am no longer undecided

I am no longer afraid.

with acceptance, I am no longer in denial.

He is my antithesis

He causes my womanhood to rejoice and mourn in alternate turns

at the satisfaction giveth  man, and the limitless fallibility of his ways.

He evolves my sensory  perceptions

sharpening my visual of life with crystal clear clarity

the high definition of the sepia tones…

each times he holds me in his arms

He is my tone.

the low keys strumming resonant from the deep vocals in his ebony throat ;

sending wave after wave of desire cascading over me , drenching me…

leaving me gasping with all I am just to squeeze a breath through my pleasure stricken lungs

sometimes leaving me shaking in unfullfilment..

Under his control,

I strum deep baritones…

high clear notes

scaling form octave to octave

till he leaves me crashing yet again from the crescendo of passion unbridled.

He moves me to verse

he moves me to tears

he moves me to song and lightly footed dance

my spirit wallowing in the  bitter sweet refrains

when he strums me.