I started to wonder, because, sometimes…

I want to buy you clothes, and when I see you wearing dirty clothes I want to wash them for you

I panic whenever you say that you’re hungry, because then your heart must not be still, and I am happy when your satisfied.

and every minute that goes by when I don’t hear from you, not even a Tweet, is  pure agony;

Because, sometimes…

I want to call you and tell you of every happy breakthrough that happens in my life; and I am filled with joy when you share yours with me.

Your sorrow or disappointment moves me to a seething rage against anyone who would slight you, regardless of whether or not it was your fault.

Is it really?

because, sometimes…

when you lay your love on me,epic  shudders run through me continuously,

like the  tremors on the rails of an oncoming train…the resonance, never quite gone..until the train runs over them again ….

and yet I know that it is not a singular occurrence

that you love me like you love three others…

(work in progress)