(As shared by a close friend and proud mum)

The thing I love most about motherhood is just watching my son grow and
develop each day and seeing what “new” thing he discovered.

Well, I have a two-finger sucker who’s 10.5 months old and he uses those fingers for comfort and security. When he’s sleepy, in go the fingers. When he’s not sure about something, there are those fingers again.
Hungry…sucks on the fingers. It’s really cute…but not something I
hope he’ll continue for much longer.

He also plays with his ear whenever those fingers are in the mouth, and I am afraid that he will grow with one ear bigger than the other due to the constant tugging.

There are many things I love about motherhood. It seems like the faster
my baby grows the more I struggle to slow down to notice the things that
I really enjoy.

I love baby noses. I love how soft they are. When he was a tiny baby I would always rub my finger up and down the bridge of his nose. He seemed to like it and it would often relax him. Now that he is older and more active, he won’t let me do it. Instead I find I cannot stop myself from giving him millions of Eskimo kisses. I just love the way his soft little nose feels against mine and I love to see his little eyes sparkle when we are that close to each other.


I also love baby feet. There is nothing cuter than little chubby baby feet. I love to kiss them and blow raspberries on the soles of my  baby’s feet. I love to see them kick with excitement and how they are attached to his smiles. He simply cannot smile without his feet

I love when he smiles at me. I love the way he touches  my face or
tummy when I’m breastfeeding him, and when he says “mum mum” to his dad.
He has not yet figured out that mum and dad are called by different names; or maybe he has, and just likes the sound of mum better because sometimes he does call his dad “baa baa”.

I love how he smells freshly bathed, how he snuggles into my arms and
does not want anyone else when he’s tired…

The look on his face when
his daddy comes home…The way he scrunches his face when he is trying
to wink, the way he loved whistling so much that he practiced so long
and so hard that he could whistle by 9.5 months old, something that many
adults still have not yet learnt.

But most of all, it warms my heart daily when I come home after a long
day at work, and his whole face lights up and he kicks and almost
squawks in joy when I pick him up.


Watching him soothe himself and sink into dream land is so sweet. I love
staring at him once he’s drifted. His long dark lashes, and full cheeks;
his little nose…all so precious and well placed. I think of how
blessed I am to have him, and how awesome it is that my husband and I
created this wonderful being.

There are so many things about motherhood that I love and cherish. I can’t get enough of it. Even when I think of all of the obstacles we’ve
overcome…the pregnancy, the labour and delivery, the physiotherapy, the sleep deprivation, the pain, the worry, the milestones he’s met and everything I have to look forward to as a mother, there still are
the amazing moments and simple things that make motherhood the greatest
gift, the most validating experience, and the most satisfying event of

I thank God every day.